Who are we?

The association was founded by members of a family who are committed to raising funds to finance research on the enzyme ADA2 in order to improve the living conditions of people with this rare disease with the final objective of financing the development of specific gene therapy for DADA2. Currently, the limited financial availability due mainly to the rarity of the disease does not allow researchers to pursue the final goal.

Francesco Beretta, President

Francesco Beretta works as a mechanical designer, father of two twins who were diagnosed with DADA2 in December 2017 after years of research. Never again must another family live with the thought of feeling alone and powerless to undergo events that impose harsh restrictions due to a rare disease that did not exist in science until a few years ago, limiting itself to attempts at treatment that with the passage of time degenerate causing irreversible damage by denying the possibility in case of need to perform a bone marrow transplant.

Anna Maria Beretta, Vice-president

Anna Maria Beretta, a university student in Economics, had to undergo a bone marrow transplant in February 2018 because of this rare disease. She is currently trying to develop a project to fund research. For 23 years she had to live with the problems of this disease without a specific label and treatment.


Veronica Beretta, a graduate in Finance and Economics with a banking position, supports and manages the association. Her living conditions have improved considerably since she was diagnosed with the disease thanks to the treatments developed by researchers thanks to her greater knowledge of the enzyme.